Welcome to
Bella Vida Health Care and Medical Spa

It is our honor to welcome you to Bella Vida Healthcare Clinic and Medi Spa. Bella Vida means “Beautiful Life” and this is what we wish for all to have. We are Proud to present to the Valencia County community and its surrounding areas a facility that will welcome and educate and bring families together not only in healthcare but in bonding as a community. This facility will incorporate education to our community on Diabetes, Heart disease, Nutrition, Exercise and other needed education. We will have speakers from all different aspects of specialties to inform the community and to help make our lives more productive, healthy and happy. To make an appointment, please contact our office.

We have 2 Locations:

41In honor of our commitment to provide the highest level of care in the Southwest, Bella Vida Health Care Clinic has two locations:


328 Main Street Location:


Monday-Saturday: 8:00 am- 7:30 pm. Doors close promptly at 7:30 pm.
Sunday 8:00 am- 3:30 pm. Doors close promptly at 3:30pm.

Due to the high volume of patients needing to be seen, we have had to close early due to capacity limits. The capacity limit is evaluated around 5 o’clock PM daily Mon-Sat.  These limits are in place for the safety of our staff and patients. The limits are not permanent. We appreciate your understanding. Sunday the walk-in clinic will close once 25 patients have checked in and been seen due to only one provider being staffed.

1400 Main St. Suite M Location:

Primary Care:
Monday-Thursday by appointment only.

Hours: 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Office Hours

Mon-Sat: 8AM-8PM
walk in patients must be checked in by 7:30 PM
Sun: 8AM-4PM
walk in patients must be checked in by 3:30 PM